Axis of Hope is no longer conducting trainings. For more information, please contact Carl Hobert at or 617-353-4794

Free Downloadable Case Studies

Free Downloadable Case Studies are now available.

Axis of Hope is no longer conducting trainings.  To continue its educational mission, Axis of Hope encourages teachers, faculty and administrators to adopt its approach in teaching global conflict resolution.  These educators provide a valuable avenue through which we can spread our ideals of conflict management and prevention as well as preventive diplomacy.  For this purpose, Axis of Hope is providing its materials below, free of charge, for educational purposes only.  For more information on these programs, contact Carl Hobert CONTACT CARL or 617-353-4794.

Although Axis of Hope focuses on the student experience, we understand that to have a lasting impact with the student population, we must also form relationships with the educators. Teachers, faculty and administrators provide a valuable avenue through which we can spread our ideals of conflict management and prevention as well as preventive diplomacy.

Click on the the links below to download your free case study PDF files coutersy of Axis of Hope.

Whose Jerusalem? The Arab-Israeli Conflict
For Use in Middle and Upper School World History, Middle Eastern Studies and Contemporary World Courses.

Click Here to download Based Negotiation Curriculum PDF file.

Immigration Case Study
This case study and Power Point presentation will provide teachers with instruction on how to prepare, facilitate and debrief the immigration case study.

Click Here to download Immigration Case Study PDF file.

Click Here to download Professor Hobert Immigration Reform Workshop PDF file.

Bullying Case Study
The United States Government defines bullying as "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

Click Here to download Introduction PDF file.

Click Here to download Appendix PDF file.

Click Here to download Chronology and Glossary PDF file.

Click Here to download Workshop Exercise PDF file.

Click Here to download Student Activities PDF file.

Axis of Hope, Who We Are And What We Do

A Revolution in Conflict Resolution!

Axis of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing in young adults an understanding of alternative, non-violent approaches to resolving complex conflicts locally, nationally and internationally.

Axis of Hope teaches students of diverse backgrounds about conflict analysis, management and prevention in ways that enliven the imagination, awaken moral reasoning, and impart lifelong social and civic skills. Through highly interactive workshops in public and independent middle and high schools, Axis of Hope introduces students to the study of international conflict and fosters the development of valuable negotiation skills.

Axis of Hope seeks to change the landscape of conflict and to create the prospect of future peace:

  • By fostering effective global citizenship skills in students and teachers of diverse backgrounds.
  • By promoting intensive, hands-on learning opportunities through “intellectual Outward Bound” geo-political role-play case studies.
  • By teaching the world’s youth to develop trust, compassion and empathy for one another, and for people around the world.
  • By nurturing empathy and broader perspectives that dramatically impact local behaviors and compassion.

Click to Download More Information About Axis of Hope, Our Mission and Methodology

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